• Please if you could pass on to all your friends that qualify for Vets (Male or Female - over 55) what a great opportunity Wimmera Vets is, giving members the option to play at our Wimmera Golf Courses - as well as all over Australia!
  • Also, we will be asking our Wimmera Golf Clubs for a Club Representative, to be our Liaison & help us make our events more successful. So, if you are interested in being the Vets Representative for your Golf Club, please let us know at Wimmera.veteran.golfers@gmail.com 
  • Remember too, we have a Facebook page now for our group! - Wimmera Vets & Senior Ladies Golf. We will post details of upcoming events & Results on this page for easier accessibility.
  • And lastly, the information has just come in for the 2024 VVGA 4BBB Championships to be held at Bunninyong Golf on Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th March. I've attached the information sheet, which includes the entry form & suggested Accomodation options - provided by VVGA - all details under the downloads tab. 


The field of players will consist of three Grades A (0 -17) B (18 - 23) C (24 - 36). with the Captain given the right to even up the grades.

In the advent of the field consisting of 40 or less players there will only be two grades.

In the advent of the field consisting of 30 or less players there will only be one grade.

    Winners Prize ($40.00 Voucher) will be awarded in each grade  

    Runner Up Prize ($15.00 voucher ) will be awarded in each grade. 

    Ball Run Down will be carried out for 50% 0f the field for the next best scores for the allotted number of golf balls, of all other players        without grades being  taken into account.


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