Chalambar Monday 25th September

On Monday 25th September we had 29 Men & 7 Ladies competing at Chalambar Golf Club for Wimmera Veteran & Senior Ladies Golf, playing a Stableford Round.
The course was beautiful, with some wonderful views from “Coronary Hill” (one of the tricky Par 4’s on the course!)
Men’s Results - Winner was Bill Hosking with a fantastic score of 39 points, & the Runner-up with another great score was Rob Porter with 36 points.
Ladies Results - Winner was Cindy Marsh with an impressive score of 34 points, & Runner-up on a count back with Leonie Atkin was Jo Donnelly - both with 27 points.
Ladies Best 9 Out was won by Leonie Atkin & Best 9 In was won by Heather Richards, on a countback with Casey Phelan.
Nearest the Pins: on the 4th & the 18th was Daryl Dunford, 6th was Stuart Muller, 8th was Rob Porter, and on the 16th was Peter Gemmola.
Ball Rundown:
36 points: Mal Elliot
35 points: Daryl Dunford, Norm Clark, Rex Konig
34 points: Daryl Watson, Merv Fox.
33 points: Stuart Muller
30 points: Ross Barnett, Ross Warrick
29 points: Bill Hutchinson
28 point: Peter Gemmola
27 points: David Lanyon, Artie Mahoney
Our next event for the season will be a teams event at Warracknabeal on 16th October followed by the AGM where the decision will be made for our ladies to merge in with the Wimmera Veteran Golfers & become one group. We are looking for Committee members too … so, have a think, if you might like to be on the committee - & we’re always looking for new members.

Grange - Monday 4th September

Wimmera Vets & Senior Lady golfers played a 4BBB Event at Grange golf club on Monday 4th September, with 33 attending for the day. The course was wonderfully presented and is in a lovely setting - so thanks to the GGC for supporting us.
Winners for the day were David Baker & Mal Elliott with a great score of 45 points. Runners-up were Ian Hair & Darryl Watson with 43 points on a count back. 

NTP’s: on the 2nd - David Baker & Cindy Marsh, on the 14th - Trevor Yole & Diane Roberts, and 2nd shot on the 9th - David Baker & Cindy Marsh. 

Ball Rundown

42 points - Diane Roberts and Carmel Fitzpatrick, Daryl Dunford and Steve Harris.
40 points - Trevor Yole and C Campbell, Peter Hammond and Rob Norton
38 points - Merv Fox and Leon Toy.
Two teams from the WDVGA will play on the 18th & 19th September at the VVGA Teams Champs at Benalla. Best of luck to David Baker, Mal Elliot, Steve Harris, Merv Fox, Colin McKenzie and Daryl Dunford.

Congratulations to all the Winners 

The next event will be at Challambar on Monday 25th September.

Murtoa - Monday August 21, 2023

We had 31 men and 9 ladies playing at Murtoa today (Mon 21st Aug) & the weather was perfect for golf!
Men’s results: A Grade winner: David Baker with 37 points, Runner-up: Rex Koning with 36.
B Grade winner was Rob Norton with 38, & Runner-up was Ferdie Mosiero with 32 points, on a countback with Brian Cready & Ray Robinson, also on 32.
NTP’s: on the 3rd - David Baker & Josie Illig, 6th - Ray Robinson & Paula Clark, 12th - Jeff Allen & Josie, and in the 14th - Leon Toy & Elaine Oakley.
Ladies winner today was Anna Thomson (Horsham) with 36 points & Runner-up was Val Scott (Horsham) with 34.
Best 9 out went to Josie Illig (Grange) with 17 points, Best 9 in was won by Heather Richard’s (Dimboola) with 19 points.
Next event is at Grange Golf Club on Monday 4th September - it will be a 4BBB, so find a partner for the day (any combo) or if you don’t have a partner … we’ll find you one 👌😊
Jo Donelly

Ball Rundown:
33 points: Mal Elliot
32 points: Ian Hair, Brian Gready, Ray Robinson
31 points: Robin Ellis, John Barbetti, Ralph Chequer, Colin McKenzie
30 points: Peter Lang, Stan Ryan, Don Schulz
29 points: Elston Arnold, Daryl Watson, Jeff Allen
Our next event for the Wimmera Vets & Snr Ladies will be a 4BBB at Grange on Monday 4th September - 9.30am for a 10am hitoff.

Jeparit - Monday August 7, 2023

Monday 7th August the Wimmera Vets & Senior Ladies played a Stableford round at Jeparit Golf Club. The course was fantastic ... but a bit challenging! - 8 Par 3's!! 😳 & some over / under trees!! 😖. Big thank you to Jeparit for hosting today & looking after us all with a very generous & yummy afternoon tea! Winners for today with the Men - A Grade Winner was Daryl Watson with a Standout amazing score of 41! Runner-up with another great score was Mal Elliott with 36 points. B Grade Men's Winner was Rex Koning with 37 points, & Runner up with 32 points Paul Holmes on a countback with Brian Cready & Peter Scott, also on 32 points. NTP's were: 3rd Chris Phelan, 5th Ron Norton & Jen Bell, on the 12th Wayne McDonald & the 15th David Baker & Josie Illig. Ladies winner for the day was one of our newest members Chris Campbell with 30 points, & Runner up was Jo Donnelly with 29 points. Best 9 out for the Ladies was Wendy Norton with 14 points, & Best 9 In went to Jen Bell with 13 points. We also had prizes for Straigtest Drives: Mens was won by Wayne Morton, & Ladies was won by Chris Campbell. Congratulations to all our winners!
Jo Donelly

Ball Rundown:
35 points: Ian Hair, Wayne McDonald
34 points: Chris Phelan
32 points: Colin McKenzie, Brian Grady, Tony Foley, Peter Scott
31 points: Peter Lang, Bob Richards, Colin Moore
30 points: Anthony Jones, Paul Bell.
Our next event for the Wimmera Vets & Snr Ladies will be at Murtoa on Monday 21st August - 9.30am for a 10am hitoff.

Hopetoun - Monday July 24, 2023

We had 39 men & 8 ladies playing a Stableford Comp today for Wimmera Vets / Senior ladies at Hopetoun Golf Course. The course was beautiful & we had as great day. Huge thank you to Norri for supplying carts for our players & all the volunteers that looked after us all today.
Men’s winners today: A Div - Anthony Jones with 38, Runner-up - Russell Schultz with 36. B Div Winner Graeme Moncrieff with 41 points on a countback with Dennis Hutchinson also on 41. NTP’s: 5th Bob Hayes, 11th Ross Warwick, 15th Paul Bell & 17th Graeme Moncrieff.
Ladies winner today was Heather Richards (Dimboola) with 34, Runner-up Carolyn Morcom (Warracknabeal) with 32 on a countback with Jenny Edelsten (Rainbow) also on 32. Best 9 out: Jen Bell (Jeparit) 17 points, Best 9 in: Helen Fisher (Rainbow) 18 points. NTP’s: 5th: Chris Campbell (Murtoa), 15th Jo Donnelly (Dimboola) & 17th Heather Richard’s (Dimboola)
Ball rundown:
39 points: Ross Warrick
37 points: Stan Ryan
36 points: John Peters
35 points: Bob Hayes, Rex Konig, Peter Hallam, Rob Norton, Brian Pitt
34 points: Peter Lang
33 points: David Kranz, John Barbetti
32 points: Brian Grady, Ferdie Massiero, Graeme Puckle, Trevor Yole
31 points: Hugh Delahunty, David Baker.

Next game will be at Jeparit on Monday 7th August - 9.30 for a 10am hitoff. Great course!! With 8 Par 3’s!!! See you there!
Jo Donnelly

Next event is at Jeparit on Monday 07th August.

Natimuk - Monday July 10, 2023

Monday 10th July the Wimmera Veteran Golfers & Wimmera Senior Ladies Golfers had 31 chaps, & 8 ladies playing a Stableford round at Natimuk Golf Club. What a great course! .... with such a beautiful backdrop of Mount Arapiles - although a bit too close for comfort on the 3rd hole - a Par 3 where you have to hit over an outcrop of rocks!
Winners for the day for the Men: A Grade - Hugh Delahunty with a great score of 42 points, & Runner-Up Daryl Watson with 34 on a countback with Brian Pitt. B Grade - Winner was Ferdie Masters with 38 points, & Runner-up was Dennis Hutchinson with 37 points.
NTP's for the chaps: 3rd Mal Elliott, 9th Wayne McDonald, 13th Hugh Delahunty & 18th Daryl Watson.
Ladies Winners: A Grade - Heather Richards with 33 points, & Runner-up was Cindy Marsh with 30 Points. B Grade winner was Jo Donnelly with 41 points & Runner up from Horsham was Elaine Oakley with 35 points.
NTP's for the Ladies: 3rd: Maree Van Kempen, & Wendy Norton took out all the rest!! (the 9th, 13th & 18th!!) - Go Wendy!!
Ball Rundown:
36 points: Brian Gready, Graeme Moncrieff
34 points: Peter Scott, Brian Pitt
33 points: Ralph Chequer, Elston Arnold, Rex Konig
32 points: Stan Ryan, Ron Norton
31 points: Ray Robinson, Mal Elliot
30 points: Rob Norton
29 points: Robert Ellis, Trevor Yole

Now Remember all ..... there has been a swap around of a few events for Vets - and our next event will now be at Hopetoun on Monday 24th July (NOT Murtoa!) - Murtoa will be on Monday 21st August instead (they've done a swap)
See you at Hopetoun!!

Next event is at Hopetoun on Monday 24th July.

Dimboola - Monday June 26, 2023
Thirty nine players combined for the Wimmera Vets/Senior Ladies event at the Dimboola Golf Club - 33 gentlemen and 6 ladies. Despite the cloudy sky, rain held off and the course was in good shape thanks to the efforts by Dimboola GC members. Thanks to the club for again supporting our event as well as supplying nearest the pin trophies.

Gentlement A Div Winner: Colin McKenzie 42 points, Ron Norton 39 points
Gentlemens B Div Winner: Ross Warwick 33 points; Runner-up Paul Holmes 32 (c/back)
NTP’s for the guys: 4th - Michael Brown, 13th - Ian Moorhead & the 18th - Brian Pitt.
Ladies winner today was Janice Midgley (Minyip) with a great score of 38 & Runner-up was her pal also from Minyip, Cindy Marsh with 33 points. Best 9 out went to Jennifer Bell from Jeparit & Best 9 in went to Elaine Oakley from Horsham. NTP: on the 4th was Jen Bell, & the 14th & 18th went to Janice - great day Janice!!

Next event is at Natimuk on Monday 10th July.

Moor Park - Tuesday June 13, 2023
The pending weather probably held a few regulars away, but 19 competed in the first round of the Sand Scrapes championship at Moor Park, with 17 men and two ladies, all playing in one gradefor the day. Thanks to MPGC for the catering and supplying the nearest the pins.
The winners were:
Darryl Watson, 38 points, runner-up Rex Konig 37
A Grade: Mal Elliott with 42 & Runner-up was Greg Proud with 38

Ball Rundown:
35 points, Colin McKenzie, Graeme Moncrieff
33 points, Ian Hair
31 points, Anthony Jones
30 points, Daryl Dunford
29 points, Stephen Harris, Ian Hair
32 points, Greg Proud, Carolyn Morcomb, Elson Arnold.
NTP’s: 3rd Darryl Watson, 5th Col McKenzie, 10th Jo Donelly, 15th Anthony Jones.

Next event is at Dimboola GC on Monday 26th June.

Sheep Hills - Monday May 22, 2023
42 played at Sheep Hills in the Wimmera Vets / Senior Ladies today - 35 Men & 7 ladies. Some very good scores were recorded for the day.
The winners for the men were:
A Grade: Mal Elliott with 42 & Runner-up was Greg Proud with 38
B Grade: Winner was Greg Schultz with 41 & Runner-up was Tony Kernick 38.
NTP’s: 4th T. Yole, 7th Rob Ellis & 16th D. Lanyon.
Ladies results:
Winner was Corrine Heintze from Minyip with 39 points & Runner-up was Cindy Marsh (Minyip) with 35 points on a Countback with Paula Clark from Murtoa also with 35.
Best 9 out was Heather Richard’s (Dimboola) with 17 points & Best 9 in went to Janice Midgley (Minyip) with 17 points.
NTP’s: 4th Janice Midgley and 7th & 16th to Corrine Heintz.

Ball Rundown:
37 points, Trevor Yole
36 points, Peter Kelly, Daryl Watson, Robert Ellis
35 points, Wal Rowsell
34 points, Wayne McDonald, Mark Krelle, Ian Moorhead, Ferdie Massiero
33 points, Stephen Harris, Ian Hair
32 points, Anthony Jones, Peter Barbetti, Ray Liersch.

Big thanks to the Sheep Hills team for hosting today & providing a lovely afternoon tea & some tasty lunch options for us too.

Jo Donnelly
Next event is at Moor Park on Tuesday 13th June.

Harrow - Monday May 15, 2023
Veteran gentlemen and ladies gathered at the Harrow Golf Club for the annual three way challenge between Glenelg, South East South Australia and the WImmera. The winners were SouthEast with an average of 25.8, Wimmera second with 25.4 and Glenelg third with 24.1.

Highest score of the day was Ron Oakley from Parklands with 39 points.

A Grade: Wally from Millicent 34, John Paris Dartmoor 32 (c/back),Daryl Watson Natimuk 32, Geoff Holcombe Morella 31 (c/back), Gary Hegarty Casterton 31.

B Grade:Peter Richards Dartmoor 36, Arthur N Kingston 33, Ross Warrick Horsham 32, Lindsay Coperman Mt Gambier 31, Greg Schultz Dimboola 30 (c/back)

Nearest the pins: Ladies  Lyn Iredell, Lyn Iredell, Joy Brady, Lyn O'Brien. Gentlemen G Donaldson, W McDonald, D Robbins, L Copeland. 

Next event is a Sheep Hills GC on Monday May 22.

Rupanyup - Monday May 01, 2023
40 Men & 6 Ladies played “Wimmera Vets / Senior Ladies” golf at Rupanyup - competing in a 4BBB Comp "any combination, and it was a great day! 
The winners for the day with a fantastic score of 51 points were Mal Elliot (Grange) & Ian Yole (Stawell). 
Runners-up with 49 points were Dimboola’s Ray Robinson & Barry Cakebread, 
and 3rd from Minyip were Cindy Marsh & Mark Krelle with 46 points on a count back with David Baker & Jo Donnelly also on 46 points.
NTP’s: on the 3rd - Anthony Jones & Jo Donnelly, 8th - Ian Hair & Carol Morcom, & on the 13th - Mal Elliot & Leonie Atkin. 
Ball Rundown:
46 points, David Baker & Jo Donnelly
45 points, Ross Warrick & Heather Richards
44 points, Leonie Aitken & Kay Picken
43 points, David Kranz & Roy Liersch, Brian Grady & Trevor Yole, Colin McKenzie & Stan Ryan.
42 points, Carol Morcom & Rob Norton, Stephen Harris & David Lanyon.
Thanks heaps to Rupanyup for hosting the event & the ladies for the lovely catering

Contributed by Jo Donnelly.👌

Next event is a 3-Way District Challenge at Harrow on Monday May 15

Chalambar - Tuesday April 11, 2023

The Wimmera Veteran Golfers played a “Challenge” Match on Monday 11th April at the beautiful Chalambar Golf Club against the Glenelg District & the Ballarat Districts.
We had 78 players in total with 25 from the Wimmera, 13 from Glenelg & 40 representing Ballarat - with Ballarat taking out the honours with an Average score of 32.5 against Glenelg 30.8 and Wimmera 29.8.
We had some fantastic scores on a very challenging course.
A Grade Winner: Peter Keller 40 points, Runner up Ken Tester 39 points & 3rd Ross Barnett 38 points.
B Grade Winner: Geoff Holcombe 40 points, Runner up Trevor McDonald 39 points (c/back) & 3rd Mal Elliott 39 points.
C Grade Winner: Don Rowe with 37 points, Runner up Rob Norton 36 points, & 3rd Geoff Webber 35 points.
Ladies Winner: Jo Donnelly with 35 points (c/back) Runner up Chris Van Daalen 35 points & 3rd Ann Dickerson.
Nearest the Pins: on the 4th Trevor McDonald, the 6th: Phil Carman, the 8th Mal Elliott, the 16th: Cindy Marsh, & on the 18th Rex Koring.
Next event on the Calendar for Wimmera Vets is the VVGA Country Championships at Barham on 8th & 9th May. 
Contributed by Jo Donnelly.

Next event is at Rupanyup on Monday May 01 for the first of the sandscrape rounds with a 4BBB. Registration by 0930 and hitoff at 1000. 

Horsham - Monday March 27, 2023

We returned to Horsham GC after a year away, with 36 gentlemen and 15 ladies braving the weather. Skies were threatening but only a sprinkle or two of rain fell while the field was out on the course. The course was in fantastic condition but the weather meant good scores were hard to get. We’d like to thank the Horsham Golf Club for hosting and we have had some good discussions about how to streamline our event planned for October 30 when we return. Unfotunately I did not get a copy of the nearest the pins,  but when they come to hand I will publish them here.

Division 1 Winner Gentlemen – David Baker 37 points, Runner-up Roy Lyness 35 points. 

Division 1 Winner Ladies - Karen German 29 points, Runner-up Mary Massey 25 points. 

Division 2 winner Gentlemen – Ross Warrick 35 points, Runner-up Pat Magee 33 points. 

Division 2 winner Ladies - Jennifer Bell 32 points, Runner-up Val Scott 29 points.

Ball Rundown:

35 points: Rex Koning

34 points: Ross Barnett, Stephen Harris.

32 points: Graeme Moncrieff, Bob Hayes, Greg Proud, Wayne McDonald.

31 points: Colin Moore, Ian Jordan, Greg Earle.

29 points: Ron Norton, Peter Hammond, John Peters..

Next event is a three-way challenge at the Chalambar Golf Club, Easter Tuesday April 11, 0830 registration, 09:00 hit off.

Stawell - Monday March 06, 2023

Fifty four men from Wimmera Veteran Golfers along with 3 of the ladies from Wimmera Senior Lady Golfers enjoyed the fine weather at Stawell. It was a great day for golf – the weather was perfect and the Course was looking great after yesterday’s rain. We’d like to thank the Stawell Club for hosting the event for us & providing a lovely afternoon tea for us all. (Thanks Jo Donelly for the write-up).

Ladies Winner - Cindy Marsh (Minyip) 25 points, runner-up Jo Donnelly (Dimboola) 25 points (c/back).  Nearest the Pins for the Ladies on the 13th – Cindy Marsh (Minyip).

A Grade Winner – Mal Elliot 35 points, runner-up Trevor Taggart 34 points.
B Grade Winner – Ian Jordan 31 points (c/back), runner-up Ross Chandler with 31 points (c/back)
C Grade Winner – Stan Ryan 38 points, runner-up was Peter Scott 37 Points.

Ball Rundown:

35 points: Colin Moore

33 points: Bill Hutchinson, David Lanyon, Ferdi Massiero, Rob Porter, Max Burns

32 points: Graeme Trickey.

31 points: Rob Freeland, John Peters, Trevor Yole, Rob Blatchford, Elston Arnold, Barry Cakebread, Ralph Chequer.

30 points: Ross Barnett, Colin McKenzie, Peter Land, Ron Kewish, Robert Ellis, Graeme Moncrieff, Ian Yole, Ken Reid.

Straightest Drives: A Grade: David Lanyon, B Grade: Trevor Taggart & C Grade: Geoff Blackford.
Nearest the Pins: 6th & 13th: Trevor Taggart, 9th: Rob Porter, 17th: Tony Foley.

Next event is at Horsham Golf Club, Monday March 27, 12:30 registration, 1 pm hit off. Please contact the secretary or captain to prebook for this event so that cards can be preprinted for each player.

Nhill - Monday February 20, 2023

Another successful "Vets" event held at Nhill with the Mens Vets and Wimmera Senior Ladies playing on the same day but each within their own competitions. Sixty-eight players - 51 Men and 17 Ladies. The course played well and the weather was kind, finishing before the heat of the day. Thanks to the NhillGC for supporting this event and providing the trophies for the nearest the pins. We all had a fantastic day - the course was magnificent as always, with huge thank you to greenskeeper Shane and the club members for looking after us all & hosting a beautiful afternoon tea for us all today.

A Grade Men:  Winner David Ryan 36 Points; Runner-up Ian Hair 35 points.

Division 1 Women: Heather Richards (Dimboola) 34 points; Runner-up Eunice Ferguson (Nhill) 33 points.

B Grade Men:  Winner, Ron Norton with 34 points (c/back); Runner-up Ewan Cameron 34 points.

Division 2 Women: Winner, Jen Bell (Jeparit) 36 points; Runner-up Marg Bound (Nhill) 33 points.

C Grade:  Winner, Mike Brown 39 points (c/back); Runner-up Roy Liersch 39 points.

Super Veteran: Winner Pam Van Kempen (Kaniva) 35 points; Runner-up Wendy Norton (Dimboola) 33 points.

Ball Rundown (Men):

33 points: David Sudholz, John Barton, Brian Pitt

32 points: Mal Elliot, Ian Moorhead, Bob Hayes, Stan Ryan, Roy Lyness

31 points: Barry Cakebreadm Rex Schirmer, Ralph Chequer, Hugh Delahunty, Colin Moore, John Peters, Bill Thompson, Rob Norton, Greg Proud

30 points: Anthony Jones, Tony Kernick, Bill Hutchinson, Graeme Moncrieff, Tony Foley, Ferdie Massiero.

Nearest the pins: 4th Greg Proud, Jen Bell; 7th Cindy Marsh, Trevor Yole; 9th Eunice Ferguson, Ian Hair; 12th Erin Schultz, Geoff Waldron, 14th Bill Hitchinson, Jen Bell.

Ladies Best 9 Out: Kerri Lynch 16 points. Ladies Best 9 In: Jean Clark 17 points.

Next event is at Stawell Golf Club, Monday March 06, 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.

Warracknabeal - Monday February 06, 2023

Warracknabeal GC hosted 71 players in a stableford format for our first event of 2023. This is also the first event with 52 men and 19 women playing in a combined event - we hope this is the way forward for both our groups. The course played well and the weather was kind.Thanks to the WGC for supporting this event and providing the trophies for the nearest the pins. 

A Grade Men:  Winner, David Lanyon 37 points; Runner Up, David Baker 36 points.

Division 1 Women: Winner, Janice Midgley 36 points; Runner Up, Karen Germano 34 points.

B Grade Men:  Winner, Graeme Moncrieff 34 points (c/back); Runner Up, Ferdie Massiero 34 points.

Division 2 Women: Winner, Josie Aug 39 points; Runner Up, Val Scott 32 points.

C Grade:  Winner, Peter Scott 37 points; Runner Up, Denis Hutchinson 36 points.

Super Veteran: Winner Wendy Norton 31 points; Mary Massey 30 points

Ball Rundown (Men):

35 points: Rob Porter

34 points: Bill Hutchinson

33 points: Greg Proud, Brian Scott, Anthony Jones, Ron Dodds, Ross Barnett

32 points: Wayne McDonald.

31 points: Ian Hair, Ross Warrick, Ian Moorhead, Elston Arnold, Ian Yole, Stan Ryan, Roy Liersch, Max Burns, Trevor Yole, Rex Konig, Steve Harris.

Nearest the pins: 5th Mike Brown, Josie Aug: 7th Karen Germano, Greg Proud: 13th Rob Boyd, Heather Richards, 9th (2nd Shot) David Baker.

Ladies Best 9 Out: Shirley Starbuck 18 points. Ladies Best 9 In: Jo Donnelly 19 points.

Next event is at Nhill Golf Club, Monday February 20, 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.

Stawell - Monday December 19, 2022

With the Stawell golf course looking a picture, 49 players met for the final event of 2022. The weather showed a touch of summer after such a long cold winter. Congratulations to the SGC for supporting this event and providing the trophies for the longest drives and nearest the pins. WDVGA sponsor Travis Hair took time out of his busy schedule and joined the field for the day.

A Grade:  Winner, Bob Hayes 36 points (cback); Runner Up, Des Pickford 36 points.

B Grade:  Winner, Trevor Yole 35 points; Runner Up, John Barbetti 34 points.

C Grade:  Winner, Ralph Chequer 38 points (cback); Runner Up, Rob Norton 38 points.

Ball Rundown:

37 points: Bob Dalglesh

36 points: Graeme Trickey, Darren Scott, Merv Fox, Rod Ingram

35 points: Greg Earle, Ken Reid

34 points: Ian Hair, Pat Magee, Colin Moore

33 points: Bob Freeland, David Brunton, Daryl Watson, Bill Hutchinson

32 points: Rob Porter, Tony Jones, David Baker, Wayne McDonald.

Nearest the pins: 6th Rex Konig, 9th Brian Gready, 13th Ian Hair, 17th Brian Scott.

Longest Drives: A Grade (5th) Greg Earle, B Grade (16th) Geoff Blatchford, C Grade (12th) Brian Scott.

Next event is at Warracknabeal Gof Club, Monday February 06, 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off. This is our first event for 2023, so bring a mate along.

Chalambar - Monday December 05, 2022

23 players took on a the challenge of Chalambar, particularly wth back nine. The weather gods were kind and congratulations to the CGC for supporting this event and providing the trophies for nearest the pins. Playing numbers were down due to the funeral of WDVGA member Stuart McClure in Horsham on the same day. Vale Stuart.

A Grade:  Winner, Merv Fox, 36 points; Runner Up, Stephen Harris 35 points.

Ball Rundown:

34 points: David Baker.

33 points: Rob Porter, John Robertson, Colin Moore (J), David Sudholz.

32 points: Ian Hair, Daryl Watson.

31 points: Bob Hayes, Norm Clark, Brian Pitt.

Nearest the pins: 4th Elston Arnold, 6th Reg Cunningham, 8th Rob Porter, 16th Brian Pitt, 18th Stephen Harris.

Next event is at Stawell Gof Club, Monday December 19.  09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off. This is our last event for 2022.

Nhill - Monday November 21, 2022

34 players took on a wonderfully prepared and maintained course at Nhill. Rain splashed through with blustery conditions but the sun shone for much of the time. Thanks to all members from the NGC for hosting us, and providing the trophies for nearest the pins.

A Grade:  Winner, Bob Hayes 33 points; Runner Up, Greg Pround 31 points.

B Grade: Winner, Mike Brown 32 points (c/back); Runner Up, Ian Moorhead 32 points.

Ball Rundown:

31 points: Peter Hammond

30 points: Paul Holmes, David Ryan, Stan Ryan Graeme Moncrieff, John Barbetti, Ron Norton

29 points: Rob Porter, Reg Cunningham.

28 points: Elston Arnold, Norrie Poulton,  Dennis Hutchinson

27 points: Rob Norton

Nearest the pins: 4th David Ryan, 7th Brendan Stemp, 9th David Ryan, 12th Reg Cunningham, 14th Rex Konig.

Next event is at Chalambar GC, Monday December 05.  09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.

Edenhope - Monday November 07, 2022

25 players took on a well prepared and maintained course at Ednehope under sunny skies. The scores were no reflection on the playing conditions. Thanks to all members who travelled to EGC for a touch of summer golf on wonderful (and fast) greens. Thanks to EGC for hosting us, and providing the trophies for nearest the pins.

Winner, Stephen Harris 34 points; Runner Up, Graeme Moncrieff 32 points.

Ball Rundown:

31 points: Trevor Yole.

30 points: Pat Magee

29 points: Ralph Chequer.

28 points: Elston Arnold, Rex Konig.

27 points: Rob Porter, Bob Hayes

26 points: Rob Norton, Dennis Hutchinson

24 points: Ron Norton

Nearest the pins: 4th Anthony Jones, 7th Ian Hair,  12th Rob Porter, 16th Stephen Harris.

Next event is at Nhill GC, Monday November 21 - 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.

Warracknabeal - Monday October 24, 2022

Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to wet weather. 

Next event is at Edenhope GC, Monday November 06 - 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.

Grange - Monday October 10, 2022

Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to wet weather. 

Next event is at Warracknabeal GC, Monday October 24, 2022 - 09:00 registration, 09:30 hit off.


Kaniva - Monday September 26, 2022

16 players took on a wet and difficult course at Kaniva. The KGC had done its best preparing the course but conditions made play difficult for all, but still an enjoyable day despite the weather. Thanks to KGC for hosting us, and providing the trophies for nearest the pins.

Winner, David Baker 36 points; Runner Up, Greg Proud 30 points.

Ball Rundown:

29 points: Ronald Norton.

27 points: Ralph Chequer.

25 points: John Peters.

24 points: Elston Arnold, Ian Hair, Roy Liersch.

Nearest the pins: 4th Ian Hair,  8th David Kranz, 11th & 14th David Baker, 17th Peter Hammond.

Next event at Grange GC, Monday October 10, 2022 has been CANCELLED due to the wet weather.

Dimboola - Monday September 12, 2022

A good field of around 40 players took in the Dimboola Golf Course - and essentially the course won. The rain held off but "casual water" took its toll - even though the fairways played well and were in good condition with a great cover of grass. Thanks to the volunteers at Dimboola for their efforts in preparing the course and supporting this event - as well as providing the trpohies for the nearest the pins. 

A Grade:  Winner, David Baker 33 points; Runner Up, Greg Pround 33 points (c/back).

B Grade: Winner, Bill Thompson 39 points; Runner Up, Bernard Noonan 36 points.

Ball Rundown:

31 points: Tony Kernick, Pat Magee, Ferdie Massiero.

29 points: Steve Harris, Mal Elliot, Geoff Wynne, Graeme Moncrieff,  Anothony Jones.

28 points: Keith Jenkinson.

27 points: Rob Norton, Bob Richards.

26 points: Ron Norton, Brian Gready, Ian Moorhead.

25 points: Elston Arnold.

24 points: Tom Cooper, John Barbetti (c/back)

Nearest the pins: 4th Keith Jenkinson, 13th Greg Pround, 18th Keith Jenkinson.

Next event is Kaniva GC, Monday September 26, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off.


Rainbow - Monday August 22, 2022

The rain held off for the 20 players to complete their rounds at Rainbow in a 4BBB competition. The course was in a wonderful condition and reflects the work of the volunteers at the RGC. Thanks to the golf club for providing the trpohies for the nearest the pins. 

Winners, Anthony Jones & Rex Konig 43 points; Runners Up, Brian Gready & Trevor Yole 42 points.

Ball Rundown:

40 points: Ian Hairy & Darryl Watson.

37 points: Mike Brown & Norrie Poulton.

Nearest the pins: 5th Rex Konig, 10th Greg Proud.

Next event is Dimboola GC, Monday September 12, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Natimuk - Monday August 08, 2022

The sun shone and the golfers enjoyed pleasant conditions on a course in good nick - thanks to the hard work of the Natimuk volunteers. Forty one players took to the course - and some good scores were recorded. Thanks to the Natimuk Golf Club committee and members for the work preparing the course and providing us with lunch. Thanks to the Natimuk GC for providing trophies for the nearest the pins on the par 3's.

A Grade:  Winner, Mal Elliot 38 points; Runner Up, Brian Gready  36 points (c/back).

B Grade: Winner, Peter Scott 37points; Runner Up, Greg Hair 36 points.

Ball Rundown:

36 points: Anthony Jones.

35 points: Graeme Moncrieff.

34 points: Dennis Hutchinson, Rax Konig, Greg Proud, Ferdie Masserio, Pat Magee.

33 points: David Baker,  Tom Cooper, Darryl Watson, Peter Hammond, Norrie Poulton.

32 points: (c/back) Brian Pitt,  Stan Ryan, David Sudholz, Ralph Chequer.

Nearest the pins: 3rd Brian Gready, 9th Bob Hayes, 13th Stephen Harris, 18th Rex  Konig.

Next event is Rainbow GC, Monday August 22, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Murtoa - Monday July 25, 2022

The weather was foreboding - but President Ian Hair assured us of good conditions on the course - and true to his word it stopped raining at 10:30 and started again around 3:30. Thanks Ian. Twenty four players took to the course - which although wet underfoot played as well as could be expected. Thanks to the Murtoa Golf Club committee and members for the work preparing the course and providing us with lunch. Thanks to the Murtoa GC for providing trophies for the nearest the pins on the par 3's.

Winner, Greg Proud 39 points; Runner Up, Rex Konig 37 points.

Ball Rundown:

35 points: Anthony Jones.

33 points: Rob Norton, Trevor Yole.

31 points: Ian Hair, Greg Hair.

30 points: Max Burns, Tony Kernick.

29 points: Ferdie Massiero, Roy Liersch

28 points: Dennis Hutchinson.

Nearest the pins: 3rd Brian Pitt, 6th Rob Norton, 12th Tony Kernick, 14th Anthony Jones, 

Next event is at Natimuk GC, Monday August 08, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Hopetoun - Monday July 11, 2022

Fine weather and nice wide fairways of the Hopetoun Golf Club greeted 32 players for a stableford competition - which is the first round of the WDVGA Sandscrapes Championship. Congratulations on the Hopetoun Golf Club committee and its members - especially Norrie. Pouton - for making carts available and on presenting the course in good condition, and for providing the trophies for the nearest-the-pins.

A Grade:  Winner, A Jones 36 points; Runner Up, Brian Pitt 36 points (c/back).

B Grade: Winner, John Peters 40 points; Runner Up, Ferdie Massiero 39 points.

Ball Rundown:

38 points: Dennis Hutchinson

37 points: Graeme Moncrieff,  Brian Gready.

35 points: John. Barbetti,  Greg Proud.

34 points: Trevor Yole, Mal Elliot, Norrie Pouiton, Ray Leirsch.

33 points: Bob Hayes, David Baker,  T Huff.vid Sudholz, Pat Magee, Peter Scott.

32 points: Ian Yole, Tony Kernick.

Nearest the pins: 1st Brian Pitt, 5th David Baker, 11th Greg Proud, 18th Trevor Yole.  

Next event is at Murtoa GC, Monday July 25, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Toolondo - Monday June 27, 2022

In bright(ish) sunshine, 31 players competed in pairs for a 4BBB event at Toolondo. Congratulations on the Toolondo Golf Club committee and its members on presenting the course in good condition, and for providing the trophies for the nearest-the-pins.

Winners, Mal Elliot & David Baker. 39 points. Runners Up Wayne McDonald & David Sudholz, 36 points (c/back).

Ball Rundown:

36 points: John Barbetti & Elzton Arnold; Peter Hammond & Darryl Watson.

35 points: Tony Kernick & Peter Hallam

34 points: Greg Proud & Stuart McClure; Dennis Hutchinson % Peter Lang.

Nearest the pin: 17th, Graeme Puckle.

Next event is at Hopetoun GC, Monday July 11, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Moore Park - Tuesday June 14, 2022

The skies held back the rain for good golfing conditions at the Moore Park Golf Club, where 32 players participated in two grades in a stableford format. Congratulations on the committee and its members on presenting the course in good condition, and to Allan & Trev's Workwear for supporting the club and the WDVGA with trophies for the competition.

A Grade:  Winner, Greg Proud 36 points; Runner Up, Anthony Jarvis 33 points.

B Grade: Winner, Rob Norton 32 points (c/back); Runner Up, Ron Dodds 32 points.

Ball Rundown:

32 points: Nathan Harvey.

30 points: Ian Yole, Trevor Yole, Brian Pitt, Mal Elliot.

29 points: David Sudholz, Pat Magee, Peter Scott.

28 points: Noel Curran (c/back).

Nearest the pin: 3rd Anthony Jones. 8th Stephen Harris. 10th Rex Konig. 15th David Baker. Thanks to the MPGC for trophies.

Next event is a 4BBB at Toolondo GC, Monday June 27, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Jeparit - Monday May 30, 2022

Seven players met at Jeparit to compete on a course in great condition. Numbers were very disappointing and let us look forward to better numbers at Moore Park on the Tuesday following the Queens Birthday long weekend. Thanks for all at Jeparit Golf Club for hosting us and the many sponsors of prizes awarded.

A Grade:  Winner, David Baker 34; Runner Up, Tony Kernick 31.

Nearest the pin, Stephen Harris, Ross Warrick, David Baker.

Next event is at Moore Park, Tuesday June 14, 2022 - 10:00 registration, 10:30 hit off. 

Harrow - 3 Way Challenge - Monday May 16, 2022

A total of 59 players met at Harrow to participate in the annual three way challenge between the Wimmera, Glenelg and Southeast South Australia veteran golfers associations. Wimmera was represented by 17 players, in a stableford event in over two grades played under variable weather conditions - warm sunshine to blustering rain squalls. The average scores for each region were used to calculate the winner of the perpetual trophy. Thanks for all at Harrow Golf Club for hosting us and the many sponsors of prizes awarded.

A Grade:  Winner, Ron Oakley 37; Runner Up, Ian Hair 35; Third, Barry Turnbull 33; Fourth, Peter Keller 32; Fifth, Geoff Holcomb 32.

B Grade: Winner, George Donaldson 35; Runner Up, Rex Konig 34; Third, Trevor Williams 31; Fourth, Lydsay Copeman 31; Fifth, Noel Curran, 29.

Ball Rundown down to 26 points.

Nearest the pin: 2nd David Baker; 7th Milan Hobak; 17th Noel Curran; 17th Ladies Ann Dickson.

The 3-Way Trophy was narrolwy retained by Glenelg with an average score of 25.62, from Wimmera (25.89) and Southeast South Australia (24.52).

Next event is at Jeparit Monday May 30, 2022 - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. 

Minyip - Monday May 09, 2022

26 players took to the Minyip Golf Course for a stableford event in one grade. The course was in great condition, showing the benefit of the April rains. Thanks for all at Minyip Golf Club for hosting us.

A Grade Winner, Dennis Hutchinson, 32; Runner Up, Greg Proud 31 points (c/back)

Ball Rundown:

31 points: Tony Kernick, John Barbetti,

30 points: Ray Taylor, Brian Pitt, Ray Taylor

29 points: Steve Harris, Rob Norton, Mal Elliot.

26 points: Ian Yole, Norrie Poulton, Peter Hammond, Ray Chandler.

Nearest the pin, ]thanks to the CGC for prizes: Ray Taylor.

Next event is at Harrow Monday May 16, 2022 - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. 

Chalambar 3 Way Challenge - Tuesday April 19, 2022

The annual 3-way challange between Ballarat, Glenelg and Wimmera regions was held at Chalambar, sponsored by the Chalambar Veteran Golfers, with a field of 53 players. The course was in great condition and the second 9 showing its teeth based on some of the scores. Congratulations to the committee and members at Chalambar for the day.

A Grade Winner, Daryl Dunsford 33; Runner Up, Peter Keiller 31 points (c/back); third Glynn Mercer 31

B Grade Winner, Robert Arthur 34 points; Runner Up, Greg Pugh 31 points; third Arthur Mahoney 30

C Grade Winner, Brian Cooper 30 points; Runner Up, Don Rowe 29 points; third Phillip Chamberlain 26. 

Nearest the pins, thanks to the CGC for prizes: 4th G Guest, 6th & 16th & 18th P Keiller.

Next event is at Minyip Monday May 09, 2022 - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. 

Edenhope - Monday April 04, 2022

A field of 32 players took to the course at Edenhope. The course was in great condition with the greens running true. Congratulations to the committee and members at EGC on theur course and thansk for their support.

A Grade Winner, David Baker 35; Runner Up, Trevor Yole 33 points.

B Grade Winner, Ron Dodds 34 points; Runner Up, David Hardiment 33 points (c/back). 

Ball Rundown:

33 points, Malcolm Talbot, Pat Magee, Noel Curran, Denis Hutchinson

32 points, Tony Stevens.

31 points, Ian Hair, David Kranz.

30 points, Trevor Bennet, Rex Konig, Graeme Moncrieff.

29 points Brian Gready, John Peters, Barry Cakebread.

Nearest the pins, thanks to the NGC for prizes: 4th Ian Hair, 12th Roy Leirsch, 16th David Baker.

Next event is at Chalambar Tuesday April 19, 2022 - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. Note the later time as summer has passed.

Nhill - Monday March 07, 2022

A field of 45 players enjoyed autumn sunshine at Nhill, with the course a credit to ground staff and volunteers. Thanks to the Nhill GC for hosting and supporting this event again.

A Grade Winner, David Ryan 36; Runner Up, Bob Hayes 35 points.

B Grade Winner, Denis Hutchinson 36 points (c/back); Runner Up, Ralph Chequer 36 points. 

Ball Rundown:

35 points, Barry Lawes, Paul Holmes, Ron Norton.

34 points, Ferdie Massiero, John Barton, Rod Stanford, Tony Kernick.

33 points, Trevor Yole, Cyril Cunningham, Graeme Trickey, Jeff Savage, Stuart McClure, Ross Hatton. Peter Hammond.

32 points, P Hallan, Rob Porter, Roy Liersch.

31 points Trevor Yole, Stephen Harris, Ian Hair, Peter Lang. Robin Ellis.

Nearest the pins, thanks to the NGC for prizes: 4th Rob Porter, 7th John Barbetti, 9th Bob Hayes, 12th Tony Kernick, 14th Peter Barbetti.

Next event is at Edenhope Monday April 04, 2022. - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. Note the later time as summer has passed.

Stawell - Monday February 21, 2022

A field of 45 players enjoyed the usual warm hospitality of the Stawell GC. Once again - judging by the scores, the course seems to have come out on top. Thanks to the Stawell GC for their support.

A Grade Winner, Bob Dalgliesh 36, Runner Up, Stephen Harris 35 points.

B Grade Winner, Ian Moorhead 38 points, Runner Up Elston Arnold 35 points. 

Ball Rundown:

34 points, Denis Hutchinson, Des Pickford, Ian Johnston, Rob Liersch.

33 points, Trevor Yole, Cyril Cunningham, Graeme Trickey, Jeff Savage, Stuart McClure, Ross Hatton.

32 points, Brian Scott, Bill Hutchinson, Graeme Puckle, Ron Keish, Ron Norton, Malcolm Talbot, David FiscaliniDavid Kranz.

31 points (c.back), Norrie Poulton, Ralph Chequer, David Baker.

Second Shot 3rd_ Ron Kewish, Second Shot 10th Peter Cross, Longest Drive A grade Jeff Savage, B Grade Trevor Yole, C Grade Jim Anders. 

Nearest the pins - with thanks to the WGC for prizes - 6th Rob Porter, 9th Stephen Harris, 13th Ian Moorhead, 17th Stuart McClure.

Next event is at Nhill, Monday March 07, 2022. - 0900 registration, 0930 hit off. Note the later time as summer has passed.

Warracknabeal - Monday February 07, 2022

A field of 45 players enjoyed fine conditions and were challenge by the course -  as the general  run of scores reveals. Thanks to the Warracknabeal GC for their support.

A Grade Winner, Ian Moorhead 34, Runner Up, Tony Kernick (c/back) 34 points.

B Grade Winner, Peter Hammond 35 points, runner up Bill Hutchinson 34 points. 

Ball Rundown:

34 points, Michael Brown.

33 points, John Peters, Ray Leirsch, Denis Hutchinson.

32 points, David Kranz, Brian Scott.

31 points, Brian Pitt, Daryl Dunford, Ray Robinson.

30 points, Norrie Poulton, Robin Ellis, Cyril Cunningham, Stephen Harris, Rob Porter, Ron Norton, Stuart McClure, Ferdie Masiero.

Nearest the pins - with thanks to the WGC for prizes - Bob Hayes, Tony Kernick.

Next event is at Stawell, Monday February 21, 2022. - 0830 registration, 0900 hit off.

Stawell - Monday December 13, 2021

A good field of 55 players enjoyed really good playing conditions, on a course that is a credit to the Stawell Golf Club and its members. So very good scored resulted.

A Grade Winner, David Baker 42 points, Runner Up, Mal Elliot 38 points.

B Grade Winner, Ron Dodds 39 points, runner up Alan Grant 38 points. 

C Grade Winner, Bill Hutchinson 41 points, Wes Nalder 38 points (c/back)

Ball Rundown:

38 points Brian Gready

37 points, Graham Trickey, Ron Kewish, Bob Hayes, Rex Konig, Rob Norton,

36 points, Trevor Taggart, Barry Lawes, Peter Cross, Merv Fox, Pat Magee

35 points, Geoff Blachford, Lyle McInerney, Bob Freeland

34 points, Stuart McClure, Bob Dalgleish, Barry Neumann, Dennis Hutchinson,

33 points, Greg Earl (c/back), Ann Dickson (c/back)

Nearest the pins - with thanks to the SGC for prizes: 6th Alan Grant, 9th Bob Dalgleish, 13th Rob Norton, 17th Barry Lawes

Longest Drives A Grade - Bob (Bomber) Hayes, B Grade Tony Kernick. Second shot 3rd Jeff Savage, Second Shot 10th Lyle McInerney.

Next event is at Warracknabeal, Monday February 07, 2022. - 0830 registration, 0900 hit off.

Chalambar - Monday December 06, 2021

37 players participated a stableford event on the challenging Chalambar course - especially the back nine.  Thanks for Chalambar Golf Club Vets committee for their support and also for presenting the course in terrific condition.

A Grade Winner Bob Hayes 39 points, Runner Up, Daryl Dunford 37 points.

B Grade Winner Graeme Moncrieff 39 points (c/cack) Runner Up Merv Fox 39 points. 

Ball Rundown

37 points, Ken Farrar

36 points, Brian Pitt, Rob Porter

35 points, Ken Hurnall, Norm Clark

34 points, Ferdie Massiero, Dwayne Stapleton, Mal Elliot, Ian Moorhead.

31 points, Bill Hoskins, David Sudholz, Dennis Hutchinson, Rob Norton.

Nearest the pins - 16th Daryl Dunsford, 18th Dwayne Stapleton. 

Next event is at Stawell, Monday December 13 - 0830 registration, 0900 hit off.

Warracknabeal - Monday November 22, 2021

35 players participated in the annual 4 person stableford teams event.  Thanks for Warracknabeal Golf Club for their support and also for presenting the course in terrific condition.

Winner was Norrie Poulton, Trevor Yole, Bob Hayes and Barry Neumann with a total of 125 points,

Second was R Robinson, Roy Lyness, Ian Moorhead, David Sudholtz on a countback

Highest individual score was Roy Lyness with 37 points.

122 points, D Sudholtz, Les Errington, B Pitt, Tony Kernick

120 points, Merv Fox, Ferdie Massiero, Elston Arnold, Ralph Chequer

119 points, Dennis Hutchinson, Graeme Moncrieff, Rob Norton, Noel Curran..

Nearest the pins - with thanks to the WGC for prizes: 7th - Peter Hammond, 13th Greg Proud. 

Next event is at Chalambar, Monday December 06 - 0830 registration, 0900 hit off.

Edenhope - Monday November 8, 2021

Back on the course again after a 3 month Covid layoff. Thanks to the Edenhope Golf Club for hosting, and presenting the course in terrific condition. 30 golfers played in the normal stableford format.

Winner was David Baker with 34 points on a count back from Stuart McClure.

32 points: Trevor Bennet, Dennis Hutchinson, Pat Magee

30 points: Stephen Harris

29 points: B Cakebread, Elston Arnold, Bill Hutchinson, Rob Kealy, Ferdie Massiero.

Nearest the pins - with thanks to the EGC for prizes: 4th - Ian Hair, 7th Rex Konig, 12th Trevor Bonnet, 16th Elston Arnold.

Next event is at Warracknabeal, Monday November 22.

Rainbow - Monday August 16, 2021

Back on the course again for our trip north to Rainbow, and thanks to the Rainbow Golf Club for the support and hosting the day. 27 golfers played in the normal stableford and the course was in great shape although the wind had an impact on the scores. 

A Grade: Winner Stewart McClure - 33 points; Runner Up Rex Konig - 33 points (c/back)

Ball Winners,

31 points: John Barbetti.

29 points: David Baker, Len Slugget, Michael Brown.

28 points: Brian Scott, Col Gebert, Mal Elliot.

27 points: Noel Curran.

26 points: Paul Holmes, Ron Norton, Stephen Harris. 

Nearest the Pin: 3rd Rex Konig; 5th Stan Ryan; 8th Murray Moyle; 10th Bob Hayes; 13th David Baker; 16th Peter Barbetti.

Next Event: Kaniva, August 23.

Natimuk - Monday August 02, 2021

Unfortunately the event at Minyip was cancelled due to Covid restrictions, but 35 golfers played in the second round of the WDVGA Sand Scrapes Championships at Natimuk. The course was in great shape and the weather was kind. Thanks for all at Natimuk for hosting the day.

A Grade: Winner Daryl Dunford - 35 points; Runner Up Steve Harris - 34 points

B Grade: Winner Ross Warrick - 39 Points, Runner Up Noel Curran - 37 points.

Ball Winners,

36 points: Rex Schirmer, Rob Norton, Merv Fox.

34 points: Graeme Moncrieff.

33 points: Peter Hammond, Dennis Hutchinson, Greg Proud.

32 points: Mal Elliot, Stan Ryan, David Baker

31 points: Ralph Chequer, Ferdie Massiero, Stewart McClure, Ron Dodds (c/backs), 

Nearest the Pin: 3rd Graeme Moncrieff; 9th Steve Harris; 13th Max Rogers.

Next Event: Rainbow, August 16.

Rupanyup - Monday July 12, 2021

32 players played in a stableford format at Rupanyup and the course was in great shape returning good value for shots. Congratulations to the Rupanyup GC for the way the course was presented and hosting the day.

A Grade: Winner Tony Kernick - 40 points (c/back);  second Greg Proud - 40 points.

B Grade: Winner Rob Taylor - 42 Points, second Noel Curran - 41 points.

Ball Winners,

40 points: Rex Schirmer.

39 points: Mal Elliot.

38 points: Stuart McClure Ferdie Massiero.

37 points: Merv Fox, Max Rogers.

36 points: Norrie Poulton, Tom Cooper, Ian Yole.

35 points: David Baker, Dennis Hutchinson.

34 points: Bill Hutchinson (c/back).

Nearest the Pin: 3rd Greg Proud; 8th Ferdie Massiero; 13th Max Rogers.

Next Event: Minyip, July 26.

Hopetoun - Monday June 28, 2021

32 players played in a stableford format at Hopetoun. Thanks to Hopetoun GC for hosting.

Winner David Baker - 36 points; second Ferdie Massiero 34 points (c/back).

Ball Winners,

34 points: Greg Proud

31 points: Ray Taylor, Tony Kernick, Lindsay Afford.

30 points: Trevor Yole, Joe Londrigan, Murray Moyle

29 points: Rex Schirmer

28 points: Bill Hutchinson, John Peters, Stuart McClure, Paul Holmes

Nearest the Pin: 15th Bill Hutchinson.

Next Event: Rupanyup, July 12.

Toolondo - Monday June 21, 2021

28 players took on the Toolondo golf course and judging by the scores, the golf course won - even though it is in really great condition. Thanks to Toolondo GC for hosting as we now start our sand scrape leg of the season.

Winner Ferdie Massiero - 35 points, second Stuart McClure 33 points.

Ball Winners,

32 points: Dennis Hutchinson

29 points: Brian Gready, John Peters.

27 points: Trevor Yole, Peter Hammond

26 points: Rex Schirmer, Robin Ellis

25 points: Rex Konig

24 points: Ralph Chequer, Graeme Moncrieff, Pat Magee,

Next Event: Hopetoun, June 28.

Harrow 3-Way Challenge - Monday May 17, 2021

54 men and ladies played in a stableford format with on the sandscrapes of Harrow. Thanks to Harrow GC for hosting.

Overall highest score: Winner Bruce Taylor 35 points 

A Grade: Winner Mick Dalton - 34 points (c/back); second Peter Buckley 34 points; third Beven Zimmerman 33 points.

B Grade: Winner Peter Richards 33 points (c/back); second Rick Purvis 33 points; third Rob Norton 32 points

Ball Winners,

Ball winners were down to 26 stableford points.

Nearest the Pins:

Men: 2nd Col Rex, 7th Brian Slape; 10th A. Lewis; 17th Graeme Langford

Ladies: 2nd Ann Dickerson, 17th J Sanderman.

Next Event: Jeparit, May 31.

Murtoa - Monday May 10, 2021

25 players played in a stableford 4BBB on the first of the winter sandscrape courses at Murtoa. The weather was somewhat unkind but some good scores were recorded. Thanks to Murtoa for hosting.

Winner: Peter Hammond & Trevor Yole - 49 points. Runner-up: David Baker & Ray Taylor - 45 points

Ball Winners,

43: Rex Schirmer & Rob Norton

42: Roy Lyness & Brian Pitt; Ferdie Massiero & Ian Yole. 

Nearest the Pins:

3rd David Baker; 6th Brian Pitt; 12th Mal Elliot; 14th Ian Yole

Next Event: Harrow 3 Way Challenge, May 17.

Nhill - Monday April 19, 2021

57 players in a stableford format - another opportunity for our members to enjoy an excellent regional golf course. Congratulations Nhill on how the course was presented.

A Grade Winner: David Lanyon 33; Second: Ron Norton 32 (c/back)

B Grade Winner: Brian Pitt 34; Second: Stuart McClure 33 (c/back)

C Grade Winner: Paul Holmes 37; Second: Dan Gallaher 35.

Ball Winners,

34: Ferdie Massiero

33: Stephen Wake, Ivan Reinheimer, Robert Ellis.

32: Darryl Watson, Darryl Dunsford, Mal Elliot, Andrew Bertuleit, Ewan Cameron, Ron Dodds, Tom Cooper, Trevor Yole.

31: Dennis Hutchinson, Michael Brown, Rob Porter, Stan Ryan.

30: Greg Proud, Hugh Delahunty, Norrie Poulton, Pat Magee, Stephen Harris, Tony Kernick, Wal Rowsell. 

Nearest the Pins:

4th Paul Baldock; 7th John Barton; 9th David Lanyon; 12th Ian Moorhead; 14th Rick Thomas

Next Event: MAY 10 - MURTOA - 4BBB

Chalambar - Tueday April 06, 2021

67 players in a stableford format - course was in great condition, very fast greens. Thanks to Chalambar for hosting the event.

A Grade Winner: Gary Guest 34 (c/back); Second: Daryl Dunford 34; Third: David Beggs 33 (c/back)

B Grade Winner: Kevin Farrar 42; Second: Des Hull 32; Third: Phil Goudie 31

C Grade Winner: Bill Marriott: 35; Second: Bill Hosking 34; Third Geoff Webber 30.

Ball Winners,

Ball winners were down to 26 stableford points. 

Nearest the Pins:

2nd Andy Litchfield; 6th Geoff White; 8th Ian Gibson; 16th Rob Arthur; 18th Dennis Hutchinson.

Horsham - Monday March 28, 2021

62 players in a stableford format - course was in great condition.

A Grade Winner: Greg Earle 35 (c/back); Runner Up: Les Errington 35

B Grade Winner: David Sudholz 32 (c/back); Runner Up Dennis Hutchinson 32

C Grade Winner: Peter Hammond 35; Runner Up Paul Holmes (c/back) 34

Ball Winners,

34: Ian Gibson, Ralph Chequer, Trevor Taggart

33: Rob Johns, Ferdie Massiero, Bob Hayes 

32: Stuart McClure, David Sudholz, John Peters

31: Bill Marriot, Noel Curran, Rob Norton, Trevor Yole, David Baker, Des Pickford.

30: Greg Proud, Barry Neumann, 

29: Norm Booth, John Watson, Greg Hair, Ross Hatton, Graeme Trickey, Richard Lipovas

Edenhope Results - Monday March 01, 2021

36 players in a stableford format - course was well prepared with great greens.

A Grade Winner: Les Errington 37; Runner Up: Mal Elliot 32

B Grade Winner: Ivan Reinheimer 38; Runner Up Ralph Chequer 36.

Ball Winners,

32: Pat Magee,   Dennis Hutchinson

31: Trevor Yole, Trevor Bennett, Rob Norton, Bob Hayes

30: (c/back) Ron Dodds,  Elston Arnold, Brian Pitt, Robin Ellis, Brian Gready, Bob Zwetroot.

Nearest. the pin:  4th:  Brian Gready; 7th Ian Moorhead,  15th Norrie Poulton.

Next. Event:  Horsham 29 March - Rolling Start - entries close at 10 am.

Warracknabeal Results - Monday February 22. 2021

50 players in a stableford format - course was well prepared, but the scores suggest that it won the battle against the golfers.

A Grade Winner: Keith Pearce 32 (c/back); Runner Up: John Barbetti 32.

B Grade Winner: Graeme Moncrieff 38; Runner Up Brian Pitt 36.

C Grade Winner: Ross Warrick, 32 (c/back); Runner Up John Peters 32

Ball Winners,

33: Brian Scott,  Elston Arnold, 

32: Dennis Hutchinson, David Sudholtz

31: Ferdi Massiero

30: Stan Ryan, David Baker, Trevor Yole

29: Ian. Yole, Ralph Chequer, Stephen Harris, Mike Brown

28: Rob Norton, Les Loeliger, Robin Ellis, Max Burns, Ivan Reinheimer.

Stawell Results - Monday February 01, 2021

69 Players competed in a Stableford format and enjoyed a really well prepared course. Congratulations Stawell Golf Club.

A Grade Winner: Hugh Delahunty 38 (c/back), Runner Up: Ian Hair 38.

B Grade Winner: Mal Elliot 40; Runner Up Keith Pearce 36.

C Grade Winner: Ken Reid 40; Wes Nalder 37

Ball Winners,

38: Des Pickford

36 Rob Porter

35: John Peters, Darryl Clayton

34: Graeme Trickey, Ivan Reinheim, Ron Gewiss, Rob Norton, Bob Hayes, Bill Hutchinson

33: Bob Dalgleish, Charles Orr, John Pola, Peter Sharp, Norrie Poulton, Jeff Savage, Ralph Chequer

32: Wal Rousel, Ken Hurnall, Rob Blachford, Bill Austin, Brian Pitt

31: Merv Fox, Jim McKendrick, Robin Ellis, Stan Ryan

Nearest the Pins: 6th Hugh Delahunty, 9th Stan Ryan, 13th Hugh Delahunty, 17th Charlie Orr.


Horsham Results, Monday March 2nd 2020

66 players competed in a Stableford event.

A Grade Winner: Peter Kerber 38pts.               Runner Up: Darryl Dunford 37pts.C/b

B Grade Winner:  Stuart McClure 36pts.          Runner Up: Pat McGee 36pts.C/b

C Grade Winner: Les Loeliger 35pts.                  Runner Up: Noel Curran 34pts

Ball Winners:

37pts: David Baker

34pts: Elston Arnold, Harry Conway

33pts. Ferdie Masiero, Ross Warrick, Merv Fox, Rob Johns

32pts: Les Errington, Dennis Hutchinson

31pts: Max Rodgers, Brian Scott, Rod Jones, Peter Kelly, Rob Porter

30pts: John Pola, Mike Coffey, Bernard Noonan, Ian Hair, Trevor Yole, Tony Stevens, Graeme Moncrieff, Ron Norton, David Huckenbruch

29pts: Phil Hall, Roy Lyness, Trevor Bonnotti

Nearest the Pins: 8th: Bernard Noonan, 11th: Trevor Yole, 13th: Peter Cross

Next Event: Monday March 30th 2020 at the Nhill Golf Club
Warracknabeal Results for Monday February 17th 2020

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday February17th,  2020 at Warracknabeal Golf Club

74 players competed in a Stableford event

A Grade Winner: Steve Harris 35pts.               Runner Up: Peter Kerber 35pts.C/b

B Grade Winner:  Brian Pitt 36pts.                   Runner Up: Pat McGee 35pts.

C Grade Winner: Phil Hall 36pts.                      Runner Up: Noel Curran 36pts. C/b

Ball Winners:

36pts: John Evans

35pts: Ivan Reinheimer, Michael Brown

34pts. Stuart McClure, Darryl Doner, Ross Warrick, Ian Yole, Ferdie Masiero

33pts: Stan Ryan, Norrie Poulton, Max Rodgers, Ian Hair, Barry Cakebread, Greg Hair

32pts: Brian Gready, Leon Toy, Max Burns, Ron Norton, John Barbetti, Rob Norton, Bernard Noonan

31pts: Trevor Yole, Graham Healy, Elston Arnold, Ray Dodson, Harry Conway, Lindsay Afford, Geoff Blachford, Les Errington, Les Loeliger, Merv Fox, Rob Johns

Nearest the Pins: 5th: Brian Gready, 7th: Trevor Yole, 13th: Ian Hair

Next Event: Monday March 2nd 2020 at the Horsham Golf Club
Stawell Results for Monday February 3rd 2020

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday February 3rd,  2020 at Stawell Golf Club

68 players competed in a Stableford event

A Grade Winner: David Baker 41pts.               Runner Up: Greg Earle 37pts.

B Grade Winner:  Mal Elliott 36pts.                 Runner Up: Brian Gready 36pts. C/b

C Grade Winner: Ross Warrick 35pts.              Runner Up: Peter Sharp 34pts. C/

Ball Winners:

36pts: Peter Kerber, Jim McKendrick, Dennis Hutchinson

34pts: Merv Fox, Graham Trickey, Graham Healey, Trevor Yole

33pts. Ron Bailey, John Pola, Rob Norton, Charlie Orr, Steve Harris

32pts: Rob Porter, Ian Hair, Ron Norton, Barry Neumann, Ferdie Masiero, Ralph Chequer, Pat McGee.

31pts: Des Pickford, B Dalgleish, Ian Moorhead, Tom Cooper, Phil Hall, Noel Curran

30pts: Les Errington, Elston Arnold

Nearest the Pins: 6th: Steve Harris, 9th: David Baker, 13th: Elston Arnold, 17th: Brian Gready Next Event: Monday February 17th 2020 at the Warracknabeal Golf Club

Edenhope Results for Monday January 20th 2020

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday January 20th  2020 at Edenhope Golf Club

45 players competed in a Stableford event

A Grade Winner:  Peter Kerber 35pts.               Runner Up: Rob Boyd 34pts.

B Grade Winner:  Ian Moorhead 39pts.            Runner Up: David Fiscalini 36pts.

C Grade Winner: Alan Bull 38pts.                       Runner Up: Ferdie Masiero 35pts.

Ball Winners:

35pts: Brian Gready

34pts: Leon Toy

33pts. Ron Norton

32pts: Daryl Dunford, Mike Coffey, Rob Norton, Robin Ellis.

31pts: Rob Porter, John Barton, Hugh Delahunty, Trevor Yole, Barry Neumann, Dennis Hutchinson, Norrie Poulton, Noel Curran, Rob Johns, Don Forster

Nearest the Pins: 4th: Peter Kerber, 7th: Graeme Moncrieff, 12th: Trevor Yole, 16th: Rob Porter

Next Event: Monday February 3rd 2020 at the Stawell Golf Club

Stawell Results for Monday 09 December 2019

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday December 9th 2019 at Stawell Golf Club

64 players competed in a Stableford even

A Grade Winner:  Des Pickford 39pts.               Runner Up: Rob Blatchford 37pts.

B Grade Winner:  Graham Healy 37pts.            Runner Up: Bill Hutchinson 36pts.

C Grade Winner: Peter Cross 40pts                    Runner Up: Max Rodgers 36pts

Ball Winners:

36pts: Greg Earle

35pts: Wes Nalder, Darryl Dunford, Bob Dalgleish, David Baker

34pts. John Berg, Peter Kerber,

Mal Elliott, Col Applegren.

33pts: Cyril Cunningham, Mike Coffey, Ferdie Mansiero, Stuart Mc Clure, Tom O’Connor, Graham Trickey, Hugh Delahunty, Keith Pearce.

32pts: Robert Ellis, Les Loeliger, Max Burns, Ivan Reinheimer, Ron Dodds, Terry Keanica, Bob Freeland, Ross Chandler

Nearest the Pins: 6th: Greg Earle, 9th: Tom O’Connor, 13th: Des Pickford, 17th: Ken Reid

Next Event: Monday January 20th 2020 at the Edenhope Golf Club

Chalambar Results for Monday 02 December 2019

45 players competed in a Stableford event

A Grade Winner:  Ken Hurnal 37                              Runner Up: Rick Thomas 35

B Grade Winner:  David Brunton 33                        Runner Up: Roy Lyness 31

C Grade Winner: Max Rogers 39                              Runner Up: Des Hull 34 (c/b)

Ball Winners:

34pts: Mervyn Fox

33pts: Norm Booth

32pts: Peter Cross, Trevor Taggett, Ian Gibson, Ken Farrer, John Pola

31pts: Leon Toy, Dennis Hutchinson, Bill Hosking, Max Chamings.

30pts: Pat Magee, Norm Clark, Noel Curan, John Berg.

29pts: Ian Moorehead, Ron Dodds, Rob Boyd.

Nearest the Pins: 2nd: David Sudholz, 16th: Mal Elliott

Next Event: Monday December 9th at Stawell Golf Club

Horsham Results

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday November 18th 2019 at Horsham Golf Club

65 players competed in a Stableford event

A Grade Winner:  Peter Kerber 40pts. C/b             Runner Up: Daryl Dunford 40pts.

B Grade Winner:  Rex Konig 39pts      .                    Runner Up: Barry Neumann 38pts. C/b.

C Grade Winner: Peter Hammond 44pts.                Runner Up: Max Burns 38pts

Ball Winners:

38pts: Ron Dodds, Hugh Delahunty.

37pts: Max Rogers

35pts. John Watson, Brendan Stemp, John Berg, Pat Magee, Leon Toy.

34pts: Stuart McClure, Ron Norton.

33pts: Stan Ryan, Dennis Hutchinson, Brian Pitt.

32pts: Steve Harris, David Baker, Mike Coffey, Les Loeliger.

31pts: Mike Brown C/b

Nearest the Pins: 2nd: Hugh Delahunty, 8th: Daryl Dunford, 11th: Elston Arnold, 13th: Bill Hutchinson

Next Event: Monday December 2nd at Chalambar Golf Club


Nhill Results

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday November 4th 2019 at Nhill Golf Club

53 players competed in a Stableford event.

A Grade Winner:  Rob Porter 38pts. C/B               Runner Up: Trevor Yole 38 pts.

B Grade Winner:  Brian Gready 38pts.                   Runner Up: Rex Konig 33pts.

C Grade Winner: Ralph Chequer 34pts.                 Runner Up: Noel Curran 33pts.

Ball Winners:

37pts: D. Baker

34pts: Peter Kerber,

33pts. David Ryan, Norrie Poulton

32pts: John Barton, Alan Grant, K. Etherton, Ron Norton, David Crouch, Graeme Healy, Bill Hutchinson, Max Rogers, Leon Toy

31pts: Brendan Stemp, Mike Coffey, John Barbetti, Elston Arnold, Tom Cooper, Mike Brown, Stan Ryan

Nearest the Pins: 4th: Rob Porter, 7th: John Barbetti, 9th: Ron Norton, 12th: John Barbetti, 14th: WoolbaleNext Event: Monday November 18th at Horsham Golf Club

Warracknabeal Results

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday October 21st, 2019 at Warracknabeal Golf Club

52 players competed in a 4 Man Aggregate Stableford event.

Winners: Max Burns, Bill Hutchinson, Les Loeliger & Brian Pitt 145 pts.             

Runners Up: Tom O’Connor, John Watson, Ross Chandler & Cyril Cunningham 144pts.

Ball Winners:

143pts: Rex Schirmer, Max Rogers, Barry Neumann & John Barbetti

141pts: Graeme Moncrieff, Dennis Hutchinson, Allan Grant & Graham Haeusler.

139pts: Leon Toy, Rob Johns, Paul Holmes & Mike Brown

135pts: Tony Stevens, David Kranz, Tony Kernick & Steven Harris

133pts: Noel Curran, Colin Moore, Mal Elliott & Tom Cooper

124pts: Peter Kelly, Geoff Krause, Mike Coffey & Ron Norton

Nearest the Pins: 5th: Dennis Hutchinson, 7th: Bob Richards, 13th: Caleb Bretherton

Next Event: Monday November4th at Nhill Golf Club.


Edenhope Results

Wimmera Veteran’s Golf Results for Monday October 14th, 2019 at Edenhope Golf Club

38 players competed in a 4BBB Stableford event.

Winner: Leon Toy & Rob Norton 46pts.              

Runner Up: Elston Arnold & Mal Elliott 41Pts. C/B

Ball Winners:

41pts: Rex Schimer & Max Rogers

40pts:Barry Neumann & Bernard Noonan, Max Burns & Pat Magee, Mike Coffey & Steve Harris, Bob Hayes & Greg Hair.

39pts.Ralph Chequer & Tom Cooper, Roy Lyness & Max Grigg

38pts: Graeme Moncrieff & Dennis Hutchinson C/B

Nearest the Pins: 4th: Caleb Bretherton, 7th: Graeme Moncrieff, 12th: Bill Hutchinson, 16th: John Watson.

 Next Event: Monday October 21st at Warracknabeal Golf Club. Note: AGM to follow event.

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